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Q: Do I have to contact the Hotel for room and/or meal packages?
A: No. Just register with the convention for everything. You will be required to check in to the hotel once you arrive to receive your room key.

Q: Is the Banquet included in the Meal Package?
A: No. But you can easily add it to your registration. Check off the box on the form. Only $40!

Q: Can I Register On-Line?
A: Yes. Simply go to and click on registration.

Q: Can I register my roommates on the same form?
A: No. We want to make sure that we correctly record your individual registration preferences/requirements.

Q: Can I pay by Credit Card?
A: Yes. Visa and MasterCard will be accepted for Pre-Registration, Walk-in Registrations and at the Merchandise Table.

Q: How do I sign-up for the "Old-Timers Panel"?
A: Easy! Fill out the box on the form. You must have 25 years or more and space is limited, so sign-up early!

Q: Do I need to contact the Hotel to confirm?
A: No. We are handling everything. If you have a question, contact the Registration Chair.

Q: Is there a Cut-Off Date for Pre-Registration?
A: Yes, March 12th, but you can still register in person starting at 2:00pm Friday March 20th. Visa & MasterCard will be accepted at the Convention.

Q: Can I mail my registration in?
A: Yes. Simply fill out the form and enclose a check, money order or credit card information for all expenses.
Mail it back to:
Area 45 Convention
PO Box 766
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

Q: I don't want to attend the Convention; I just want to go to the dances. Can I buy tickets for those?
A: Sorry! Our event is inclusive. Your $40 Convention Registration covers everything. We don't sell tickets for the dances. Reason: The Hotel charges the Convention for everyone that attends the Convention. They do this by Daily Averaging, and every attendee counts.